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A new glowing cocktail glass for those who drink outside the box.


One word: GLOW

We took the concept of “safe” and made it bright and bold. The new uGlow glass is an unbreakable giant cocktail cup that provides a dramatic, unforgettable glow effect. By completely reimagining the cocktail sipping experience, we made it more of what it should be: a thrilling experience

How does it work?

The uGlow glass was designed to perfectly fit a safe, water resistant LED light directly under the liquid. The created illumination effect is an amazing, unforgettable visual that will take your breath away!

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This is how we glow

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The first reusable
glowing giant cocktail glass ever

  • Simple and sleek design
  • High quality glass-like polycarbonate, literally unbreakable
  • The cup is designed so the LED light can be easily and effortlessly removed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You can choose between 4 vivid colors
  • A little over 7 inches tall the cup can hold 22 oz of liquid
  • Each cup comes with your choice of color, but you can purchase additional colors and easily exchange the color of your glow if you’d like.
  • With the smart LED technology, the batteries will last for days if they are continuously on.

Seen enough?

$14 will get you a cocktail glass and one LED, you just have to pick a color!

Please note that our product comes in the original manufacturer's packaging.

You can’t choose?

You don’t have to.

You can purchase one cup and
we will include all 4 colors for you!

Buy - $19

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Purple uGlow glass Blue uGlow glass Red uGlow glass Green uGlow glass

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